Q: Do you have permission to use the art on these products?
A: Yes I do. Artists have given their permission for me to sell products with their art on them. Commission fees has been paid as well as the artists receiving a royalty for each item with their art sold.

Q: Which artists are a part of this?
– Batusawa (deviantART)
– BartonDH (deviantART)
– VicKelis (deviantART)

Q: Where is the store located?
A: Norway, although there’s no physical store.

Q: Why is my review not showing?
A: Reviews must be moderated before showing.

Q: What payment options are accepted?
A: PayPal.

Q: Can I order an item which is currently not in stock?
A: You can if the item is available for backorder. Note that backorder items will take longer to arrive.

Q: I want to sell something with my artwork through your store. How do I do that?
A: Send an email to cysh@cyshmail.no and tell me more about yourself and the artwork you want to sell through the store, as well as the type of merchandise that you’d like it to be on. Be aware that you have to gather some interest for purchasing the specific product.


Q: Where do you ship?
A: Shipping is worldwide.

Q: What sort of shipping option do you use?
A: Normally Priority Mail (A-Post) with Posten Norge. This option does not include tracking information.

Q: I want tracking on my package, can I get that?
A: Send an email to support@cyshmail.no after your purchase, use your order number as subject. You will be sent an invoice for the extra shipping charge for the tracking. Posten Norge charges…Quite a bit for this option however.

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: Shipping takes 3-5 days to Europe and 11-14 days to the rest of the world. Note that these are estimates for when the shipment arrives at the border of your country. Items in the “Posters” category are not shipped from Norway, they are shipped from China using Regular AirMail or EMS (order of 5+ posters). 2-4 weeks for AirMail and 3-5 days (most countries) for EMS.

Q: Item arrived damaged, what do I do?
A: Send an email to support@cyshmail.no providing information and photos. Preferably also of the packaging if you notice that the packaging itself has been damaged during shipment. We’ll work out either a partial refund or re-shipment of the item.

Q: How much is shipping for different items?
– Shipping for mousepads worldwide: $5
– Shipping for tapestries worldwide: $20
– Shipping for figurines worldwide: Shipping rate included in sale price
– Shipping for badges/buttons: $3
– Shipping for posters: $7.50 (Free EMS for orders of 5+ posters)
– Shipping for domains: $0 (They’re domains)


Q: When are pre-orders paid for?
A: Pre-orders are paid immediately upon placing the order.

Q: When are pre-orders shipped?
A: Pre-orders are shipped as soon as they are available. Usually there will be an estimate for release on the items page.

Q: I have changed my mind about my pre-order and want to cancel, can I do this?
A: Please make sure you really want the item before placing your order, especially for pre-orders are cancelling is generally not accepted. It’ll be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by sending an email to support@cyshmail.no with your request.


Q: How do I choose the domain I want?
A: After purchase you will be asked to email domains@cyshmail.no with the domain you’d like to register, as well as any other information about redirecting the domain to your server. Please include your order number upon contact so we can verify the purchase.

Q: How do I check if the domain I want is available?
A: You can do so through NORID. Which is the Norwegian Domain Registry Authority.

Q: How do I renew a domain?
A: Domains are not auto-renewed, so to renew your domain after the year is up, please “purchase” a domain and send an email to domains@cyshmail.no with the subject “Renewal: domain.no”. It will be manually renewed.

Q: Who do I contact if someone is using a domain bought from here for something illegal/abusive?
A: Please send an email to abuse@cyshmail.no with all the information you can spare about this. The domain will be temporarily parked, and if the case is severe it will be cancelled.


Q: I want to return an item I have purchased, how do I go about doing that?
A: Send an email to support@cyshmail.no with your order number and the reason why you want to return the product. You will be given the address where to ship it. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the return shipping and your refund will not include the initial shipping fee when you purchased the product. Preferably use a tracked shipping method when returning an item.


Privacy Policy
Cysh Webshop (Kitsune no Sekai) will under no circumstances share or sell your information to third parties unless warranted by law by the Police Force of the Kingdom of Norway. All information gathered on the Cysh Webshop is for processing and shipping products to your location.