.no Domain Registration

$ 35.00

Type: Domain
Country: Norway
TLD: .no
Activation Time: 1-2 days
Registration Time: 1 year

To make sure the domain you want is available, please go to and search for it before purchasing.

NORID is the Norwegian Domain Name Registry authority.

After purchase you will be given an email where you can send the .no domain you’d like to have registered, as well as any other information that you deem necessary.


“Why do I have to go through you to get a .no domain name?”
You cannot register a domain under the Norwegian TLD (.no) unless you are a citizen of Norway with a Norwegian Social Security Number. Until recent years you could only register domains under .no if you had an eligible business in Norway. Foreigners are still not able to register domains under .no however, and will have to do so through Norwegian citizens. This is why we are offering this service here.

Keep note of your renewal date, you will have to “re-purchase” it an send an email with the subject “Renewal:” to keep your domain. Domains are not auto-renewed.

NOTE: Abuse of the domain will result in the domain being cancelled, please do not purchase an .no domain if you will  be using it for activities like; phishing, spam, scam, hosting illegal content and doing other illegal activities.

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